Being Overcomers

What an exciting year we have entered. Our focus is clear — We must overcome anything that comes our way! God has a clear direction from His Word and we are blessed to carefully study it together.

I want to remind you that there are several key events coming up in the immediate future and I encourage you to be involved in them.


1. All Pro Dad’s simulcast is this Saturday, January 26 from 1:00 -3:30 pm….please call Cortney at (770) 530-9220 for details.

2. Married Adult Valentine’s banquet is just around the corner on Saturday, February 16th–Be sure to sign up now!

3. Pastor Ron is teaching a new series every Wednesday night–Let me encourage you to make plans to be there each week.

4. The Easter Experience begins on Saturday, February 16th at 9am. It is a wonderful opportunity to prepare our hearts for the real story of the Resurrection.


I thank God for each of you and anticipate a great year at OHC!

Brother Gearl