• Back Against the Wall

    ALL IN—-BACK AGAINST THE WALL Facing the Inevitable Psalm 34:4 Have you ever faced a challenge that seems so overwhelming that it pushed your back against the wall? Have you ever come to a place where you didn’t know where to turn? How did you find your way beyond the wall?  The series we are sharing during this season of life fits so well into all we see going on in the world. We look at Ukraine or our nation or our lives and we see much that could push us to despair. Our hope is that we will find […]

  • Authentic

    Authentic—-All in for Jesus Are you real? Do you care? Two questions that form the backbone of effective living and service. They also frame the entire year of 2022 at One Heart Church.  We will be spending the year focused on being all in for Jesus.  The pathway that leads too authenticity can be noted as having four action points.  They are: 1. Renewing our purpose. 2. Loving our church. 3. Giving our lives away. 4. Making our lives count. As you read through those four challenges you quickly realize the critical nature of living in tune with God so […]