One Service – THIS Sunday, November 28, 10:30 a.m.

Dear OHC family and friends,

What a fabulous Sunday we experienced this week! I’ve never had such a wonderful time with God’s people than I did on Sunday. I loved the wonderful meal and the fabulous desserts. I limited myself to tasting only 10 different desserts which means we’ll need to have another fellowship in the future so I can experience more of our members favorite desserts. I want to thank God for everyone who made this day so special! Now our attention is fully centered on Thanksgiving! How blessed we are to live in this wonderful country and be involved in such a wonderful church. I love America and I love OHC!

Let me remind you to take the time to reflect on all the reasons we have to be grateful. In this fifth anniversary year I’m so thankful for this sweet place we call One Heart. I’m most grateful for Jesus! He blesses me more than words could express. I’m also deeply grateful for my wonderful family!

NOW–don’t forget we come together in one service this coming Sunday at 10:30! As I mentioned to you last week, I look forward to sharing God’s Word with you every week over the next four months!

LADIES’—It is very important to get your tickets for the Ladies’ Tea this Sunday. I’d love for EVERYONE of our ladies to experience this beautiful time of fellowship and inspiration. Tickets will be on sale this Sunday!

Christmas is coming and the coming month promises to be the best ever! We celebrate our Savior’s birth!

See you Sunday–I guess you can tell I’m excited and very grateful!

In Jesus,

Gearl Spicer