Middle of the Summer

We had a spectacular service on July 3rd! It was wonderful to sing about all the blessings of being a part of America. We were also blessed with a wonderful picnic afterwards!

WE are now in the MIDDLE of the summer! I want to ask you to do a quick review as we experience the hottest part of the year.

1. How on fire are you for God?

2. Is there a passion in your heart to pursue Him?

3. Have you been committed to accomplishing His purpose?

4. Have you been faithful to attend church?

5. Have you been faithful to support God’s work?

6. Are you praying with purpose and direction?

7. Are you accomplishing the goals you set at the beginning of the year?

AS you read these questions—can you answer YES to all of them? Just as the heat of the summer distracts us so we must be careful not to allow life to distract us. I want this to be the best year of your life and it all starts with these questions. I really pray they all motivate you to do a quick inventory and adjust where needed.

I’m so blessed to be your pastor and trust God for great things to occur in your life!

NOW-two quick reminders

First—we resume our regular schedule this Sunday-9:30 and 10:50- Worship and Bible studies-Don’t miss it!

Second-NO midweek Bible study this week…the series on prayer resumes next Wednesday, July 13!

See you Sunday!

Brother Gearl