God’s Amazing Warmth!

This morning as I walked out into the cold I was reminded of the amazing warmth I felt in our church this past Sunday. I watched as we worshipped and praised Him. I watched as we fellowshipped together afterwards! I watched as the children ran through the hallways with joy in their hearts. I was reminded today that the world is indeed a cold place! BUT our GOD is an amazing God who cuts through the ice and warms our hearts to accomplish His purpose. As you move about in the cold, don’t forget that you are a Lifechanger. Just let Him guide your every step!

The days in front of us are the best of our lives. He wants our hearts to be fixed on Him. This morning I was reading in Psalm 24:3-4. Who gets to go onto His hill? Only those who have clean hands and a pure heart. May God grant that to us all each day.

I will see you on Sunday. God bless every one of you!
Gearl Spicer