Captured by the Cross

It seems that every day we are captured by the images coming from natural disasters or heartaches somewhere in the world.  Our sensitivity peaks as we listen to the stories of those who have endured such difficult hardships. In this day of constant media coverage we can watch the same story from a hundred different angles.  Our hearts cry out with compassion and we are captured by all that is around us.  Did you know God wants us to be captured by the cross?  The most climactic event in history opened the door for our personal life change.  It is at the cross that a heart of compassion is sealed and a life direction is formed.  In our simple trust in Jesus we begin a journey from the cross that directs our every step.

At One Heart we realize that beyond all the events taking place in the world there is only one event that actually carries us forward with understanding and purpose.  It is the cross!  As you search for meaning it is so important to realize that the cross is what brings meaning to life.  As we view the cross, we begin to develop a vision for life.  His eternal vision for our life can capture our hearts.  Let me invite you to experience vision by attending one of our services or listening online today.