How to Register


On the One Heart Church website ( click the link for the event you would like to attend. When the event description opens, click the REGISTER button.

Under the Registrants section click on Add a Registrant.

Upon completion of the Add A Registrant, it will ask you if you are the PRIMARY CONTACT. The Primary Contact is the person who needs to receive all communication, financial information and the billing address connected to the payment method. You should check the box that says Set as Primary Contact.

If you are NOT the Primary Contact to receive all communication, financial information and the billing address connected to the payment method then the information for that person should be entered.

Add as many registrants as needed for those attending with you. However, you will receive any communication related to them and you will need to share that information with them personally.

Click the Next Step Button below the Registrants section

Based on the event, if a choice is necessary, choose the Event Extras for each registrant

Click the Next Step Button

Based on the event, if there are questions that need to be answered, please answer them in the QUESTIONNAIRE section for each registrant.

Click Next Step Button

Review your entry and if a payment is required for the event enter the payment information (e-check direct from your bank, credit/debit – Amex, Visa, MC, Discover or pay off-line). If you chose the off-line payment you will need to print out your invoice and submit it with your cash or check to the address and contact information provided for the event.

Click Submit Button


If you would like to provide a scholarship (sponsorship) for an event, click on the sponsorship button and follow the prompts to submit payment. Providing a sponsorship does not sign you up for the event.

Privacy and Refund Policy
Privacy Policy: One Heart Church respects your privacy and will not share or disclose your information to other persons, organizations or businesses.
Refund Policy: One Heart Church will refund any payment a registrant has made toward an event if One Heart Church cancels that event.