• Summer of Joy

    Summer of Joy—Now More Than Ever Joy is one of life’s greatest gifts!  It leads us to contentment and impact with our lives. We can find joy in so many areas of our spiritual journey.  I can’t think of a season of life where it is more important to access joy than now! NOW MORE THAN EVER!  The pandemic and all that we have encountered in life these past 14 months all remind us that the “joy of the Lord is our strength.” As we embark on this journey let me challenge you to read Philippians in preparation for this […]

  • Look Up! Lean In! Insights into Vertical Living

    Look Up, Lean In – Insights into Vertical Living Jesus said it best—Look up for your redemption draws near…Luke 21:28. It is obvious that He wanted us to look up and lean into truth and insights. We recently completed a study which allowed us to grasp the power of fearing the Lord. In the next six weeks we will see how critical it is to not ignore His presence. Our study will involve a look at Judges in the Old Testament and several New Testament texts.  It promises to be an enlightening study! As you think about looking up and […]

  • Embrace the Adventure

    There is nothing more exciting than choosing to pursue God through His Word. If we discipline our hearts in the pursuit, we develop a hunger and a thirst for principles that lead us to a more devoted life. The key to this month- long adventure is a willingness to daily seek His heart for your life. Remember, it must be a daily focused discipline. This guide will help you record all the He is saying to your heart. Join us for four weeks in March as we unpack the book of Proverbs during our 10:00 a.m. worship hour.