• About Us

  • Father’s Day is Coming!

    On Sunday, June 17, it is our joy to commit to pray for every Dad present!  It is so special to gather in His house on this day.  I am honored to be a father and grandfather!  These are rich treasures of my heart and I am certain you share this in your own life.  I am also thankful for every man who is a part of our church. May God bless you. That day is also Glory to God day!  It is the day we will live out I Corinthians 10:31 — whatever we do we will glorify God.   […]

  • Dwell Well

    Dwelling well in today’s world is often a challenge. We want to help. We are going to take 3 Wednesday nights in July and offer 4 different classes, teaching you how to dwell in peace. Click on the “Ministries” tab off the Homepage and then the “Discover One Heart” tab. From there you can learn more about each class and you can register.

  • God’s Action Plan for Kingdom Living

    Imagine you encounter a trial that seems to take the air out of your lungs! You struggle to breathe because the challenge is so overwhelming! THEN, you sense that God is speaking to you! He begins to reassure you with joy! He begins to bless you with love! Your faith begins to grow and from that comes a clear ACTION plan for the future. In the midst of the battle, you experience something you longed for in life – A sense of direction and hope! The book of James is an action plan for believers. This plan challenges every area […]

  • Seek First

    There is something completely amazing about taking an adventure of faith! Jesus realized this when He began to teach the crowds that if you SEEK HIM first HE would add all the things that are ever needed in life. Imagine setting off on an adventure and the end result being more amazing than you could calculate because HE gave you a plan. That is exactly what happens in the Gospel of Matthew as Jesus opens the hearts of those who love Him to the power of an ultimate priority. Can you grasp how simple yet powerful His words were as […]

  • Bridge to Hope

    Imagine you see an opportunity that captures your attention, but the only challenge is that the opportunity requires getting on a bridge. This is no ordinary bridge because it takes you to the opportunity of a lifetime, challenging you to extend hope to someone in need. You just have to get on the bridge. It will take you across the street or around the world. Soon you begin to realize that Jesus wants you to share His hope with all. How do we find the bridge? It requires we awaken our hearts to His plan. It requires us to accept […]

  • The Norcross Christian Academy

    The Norcross Christian Academy and Preschool provides a Christian environment for preschoolers and kindergartners to learn and grow. We see all children as individuals, capable of success. We strive to instill in all children a positive self-image and confidence in their own abilities. Enrollment is now open for the 2017-2018 school year. NCA is for children 4 months – Kindergarten and operates from 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. Register on the NCA page.