What If ?

Imagine you are given the opportunity to make an amazing decision that changes everything in your life. It all begins with – WHAT IF? Recently, I have been watching as God continues to bless our church, and every Sunday I watch people make the decision to consider this question – WHAT IF?   So, on our website I pose it to you.

*WHAT IF your future hinges on a simple act of obedience to walk through the door?

*WHAT IF the most important insights you need are in the Bible and are shared each week?

*WHAT IF your next decision leads you to a life you dreamed of?

*WHAT IF the joy you are looking for can be found here?

*WHAT IF His answer to life rests in your simple choice to receive Him?

*WHAT IF you will meet the best friends of your life?

I think you can see that WHAT IF can be answered at One Heart. Let me invite you to experience it on any Sunday morning at 10:30.

What if He wants to change your life?


Gearl Spicer – Senior Pastor