Wednesday Nights Continue

We continue our study on Power Point tonight at 6:45 in the lobby.  I’m looking for others to join us in this intriguing study of the parables.  I also want to remind our parents that your children will be greatly blessed by the special time planned for them every Wednesday.  We need every child present to sing praise to Him and enjoy the activities!  I’ll see you at church tonight!

This coming Sunday, August 29, promises to be a great day in His house.  We will baptize several who have made professions of faith in Jesus and it always proves to be one of my favorite Sunday’s of the year.  We will also continue our series from I Thessalonians as we grasp the importance of living ON TARGET.  Also, if you’ve never been baptized then it’s not too late to call Pastor Larry and arrange for it this Sunday!

We are a month away from our first live Simulcast with Beth Moore and I trust you have already purchased your ticket.  It’s going to be a fun day on September 18th.

We also are participating in the Dave Ramsey financial seminar coming in October to Gwinnett Arena-more about that later.

I love what I sense in the hearts of His people at One Heart Church.

Be blessed this week!

Gearl Spicer