Time for Action

Have you ever found yourself putting off what is absolutely essential? It is clear that it needs to be dealt with but you have an internal delay button that allows you to wait for a more perfect time.  In the Bible we find a very clear pattern for decisive action.  I love to think about your assignments in life as action plans that God has placed before you.
Let me challenge you with a clear plan that might motivate you to action:
  • Ask the Lord to show you areas where you need to act.
  • Surrender your time to Him and allow Him to redirect your steps.
  • Commit your study of His Word to a pattern of application.
  • Realize that every delay can subtly take you off course.
  • Submit to a lifestyle of obedience.
  • Watch as He begins to act on your behalf.
If you will apply these simple steps you will begin to catch the heart of OHC.  We are a body of believers that are committed to taking action.  This year our church has studied how to be stirred and changed.  This study has equipped us to take action with our lives.  As you read through our website I’m convinced you will find life areas that compel you to action.
Life is fast—Take Action—-Experience the wonder of following Him.
Pastor Gearl