Time Change Sunday and Easter Eggs

Can you believe it is March? We are fast approaching Easter!

ONE very important item to remind you of today is this weekend is time change Sunday. We spring our clocks forward one hour. Which means it is a shorter night but an amazing day on the Lord’s day. Would you make note now and be sure to reset your clocks on Saturday evening.

I anticipate a great day and your presence is vital. Have a great Thursday—We conclude our series on Overcomer this Sunday and then spend three weeks looking at the Resurrection through they eyes of Transforming Faith! Don’t forget..move your clock forward one hour on Saturday and I’ll see you right on time!

An important Easter reminder: We have a special time planned for our children! You can help by bringing Easter Eggs filled with candy for our children’s ministry. I anticipate an amazing day on Easter, March 31.

Invite a friend to join you at OHC that day!

Brother Gearl