The Heart of Our Story


Insights from the early church from the book of Acts

Everyone has a story to tell! Our stories merge together at junctures of our faith

And hope in Jesus.  We realize that God is always writing new chapters to our story

As we will live for Him. The book of Acts reveals to us the story of the church. Jesus died for the church! He wanted the church to be powerful and effective.  The series we are embarking on at One Heart is an in-depth look at the early church.  There are some very important concepts we will glean that can guide our lives today.  Here are four to consider:

  1. Heaven calls on us to follow His plan.
  2. Jesus has a desire for us to obey.
  3. God has given each one of us a mission to be accomplished.
  4. The model to follow is simple yet profound!

Let me invite you to join us every Sunday morning for this life changing study. It will enhance your story and challenge your heart.

Gearl Spicer
Senior Pastor

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