Surface or Substance

Have you ever been misled by someone? Do you exercise wisdom when it comes to life? Paul continues his discussions with the Corinthian church in II Corinthians, chapter 11 by looking at what it means to live a life of substance rather than one simply on the surface.


Two key verses in this passage offer us a glimpse into what Paul is trying to communicate. In verse 7a Paul shares that the real key to living a life of real substance is humility. And in verse 14 he reminds us that wisdom is so crucial. Even Satan disguises himself and tries to pull us away from a life of substance.


As we look at chapter 11, verses 7-33, we can see that the choice is up to us individually. We can live a truthful live. (v.7-11) We can live a fraudulent life.

(v. 12-15, 20) We can live an amazing life. (v. 16-19, 21-33)


When we choose to live a truthful live, we see that humility, integrity and love are all key elements. If we choose a fraudulent life our paths are marked with pride, fraud and the ultimate deceiver – seduction. But if we look in verses 16-19 and 21-33 we can see that Paul develops the case for an amazing life. We must know who we are. We must know where we have been. We must know why we have been there. And we must know what we must do.


If we develop those steps by asking ourselves those questions then we will begin to live a life of substance. What about you? Are you living a life on the surface or are you digging deeper for a life of substance?