Stumbling and Standing

Ever have a thought burning in your mind and know you ought to process it? I have been thinking a lot about what Jude 24 says–now to Him who is able to keep your from stumbling and to make you stand. There is such a vast difference in stumbling and standing. Of course the application here is not related to our stumbling physically but spiritually. I love the emphasis placed on ABLE to keep you from stumbling. It is one of the most amazing things in life to realize HE is all you need. I can’t think of anything that could ever match up to His amazing presence. Knowing He is with me equips me to face anything that comes my way. HE hold us up, all you have to do is truly trust Him. As we head to Easter….that empty tomb means HE is adequate to any potential stumbling moments we might encounter. I love watching so many who stand in His presence because HE is ABLE. Blessings to you as you contemplate the last time He held you up!
Gearl Spicer