Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday

We are about to enter two of our most important Sunday’s of the year. I’m trusting that you are praying for God to do amazing things on these two Sundays. As we journey to the Cross and understand the Resurrection we will be anchoring our hearts in the truths of God’s Word. This Sunday, we will baptize and participate in communion. It is always a beautiful Sunday when we act on His commands. Please be here ready to examine your heart and act in obedience.

Easter is our biggest Sunday of the year. I’m counting on you to bring someone with you. I begin a new series that day and it will be such a joy to share it with so many. The series is called LifeSkills and it focuses our hearts on what counts in life.

Now-I have a special request for this Sunday that will help our Children’s ministry. Each year we do a very special luncheon for young families with children and it’s sponsored by our children’s team. We do a very fun Easter egg hunt following the luncheon and that is where you come in —- will you please bring some plastic eggs FILLED with candy this Sunday? We need several hundred and they have been coming in slower than our need. Be sure to add the candy inside!

One other important note, following all the joy of Easter we are offering a wonderful conference to help you discover your PLACE in ministry and life. Pastor Larry will be teaching this class on Saturday, April 30 and you can sign up beginning this Sunday. We’ll share more on Sunday.

He is Risen!

Gearl Spicer