Move This Summer!

Are we really asking you to move this summer? Well…sort of. While we are not asking you to move from your current dwelling place, we are asking you to consider putting your faith into action this summer. We are going to be talking all summer long about a new series called MOVE – Putting Your Faith Into Action. What would motivate you to either begin service to the Kingdom or to faithfully continue with a new sense of urgency and direction? Our churches today are full of people “going through the motions.” By that we mean that they come to church when the “feel” like it and when they do, they come merely as spectators and not true servants of the King. What about you? Where do you see yourself? Do you serve the Lord in his house? One old preacher said one time, “You’re either a prayer warrior or a pew warmer.” While maybe not the most eloquent, the statement does ring true. We are all either sitting and watching service opportunities go by or we are engaged to serve the King. Which are you? So many wonderful opportunities abound for you to serve this summer at OHC. You can find a host of activities and ministries located right here at that call for you to get plugged in! Why not?