Living Faith – Death Sentence to Grace

A living faith is key to every believer. The secret to a living faith is a profound encounter with grace and a total understanding of the cross. When you hear “Die to live,” what do you think? Paul knew exactly what that meant. He knew that a living faith in Christ meant putting oneself in the background and giving Jesus Christ complete control. In the second chapter of Galatians, the Apostle Paul gives us concrete steps that can help process a living faith in our lives.

In Galatians 2:1-5 Paul speaks about a revelation. He was greatly moved by this revelation to share Jesus with others and to share new things that God had been teaching him. He wanted to live out the passion that God had placed within him. This text also speaks of two other VERY important aspects of a living faith. First, choose your friends wisely. Paul surrounded himself with Godly men like Barnabas and Titus. Second, identify those who invalidate grace and who do not live with a living faith. Those surrounded Paul also. The people you choose to be around will greatly affect your ability to have a living faith.

Further on in Chapter 2 of Galatians and in verses 6-10, Paul continues to speak to the importance of surrounding ourselves with those of good reputation. This aspect is so important to a living faith. We must be yoked with those who understand grace, commitment, purpose and fellowship!

Finally we must identify with Jesus in order to have a living faith. Paul speaks so clearly to this in verse 20 of Chapter 2 in Galatians. We die to live. You can think of it this way. “To die to live,” means that we must be a (D)disciple, we must have an (I)impact and we must (E)encourage. That spells, D.I.E. By continually becoming a disciple of the Lord Jesus, we learn to live, love and lead. Our impact to others can be personal, strategic and eternal. And we must encourage others effectively, faithfully and in a timely manner.

Placing God first in your life is only the beginning to a living faith. What comes after that decision? A life filled growing in the Lord by reading His word, by developing a consistent prayer life and by regular attendance and service to His church will characterize those who have a living faith.

Gearl Spicer
Senior Pastor
One Heart Church