Living Faith

Dear One Heart Family and Friends,

This Sunday we begin an adventure to the heart of a living faith. We will look at what happens when discipline, impact and encouragement collide in our lives. I am confident this year holds for each of us the opportunity to encounter our great God in an amazing and powerful way. Please make plans to be a part of worship this Sunday. I am looking forward to sharing God’s Word every Sunday for the next 3 months. HE is speaking to my heart in a clear and directive way. Don’t forget to read Galatians 2:20 before Sunday!

Now, I need your action on our upcoming Bible Studies for ladies and men. You can now sign up for any of the three ladies classes on our website and for our men’s study on grace plan to show up February 7th in the gym. You can also respond this coming Sunday in the lobby or at the kiosk. As I look at the studies we are offering, I am amazed that they line up directly with our Sunday morning focus regarding living faith. SO–ladies and gentlemen please make plans to engage in one of these studies. If you have any questions feel free to email Lindsay Lewis ( for ladies studies or Eddie Conkle ( for the men’s study.

Finally, we have a very special communion planned for February 15 and I hope you will make note of this on your calendar. It will be a special intimate time of reflection and impact.

See you Sunday!
Gearl Spicer