Key Thoughts for The New Year

Some key thoughts before we enter into a new year. What are the keys to making 2016 the most amazing ever. Here are my thoughts–1. Let discipline rule in every key area of your heart
2. Live with a passion to know Him in a greater way than ever
3. Read the Bible like your life depended on it (which it does)
4. Love the people God has placed in our life
5. Do NOT allow the enemy to steal a moment of your direction
6. Count every day as a privilege granted by the One who made you
7. Laugh, Love and Smile–all three are contagious
8. Stay humble….those are the only kind of people He uses.
I think this year is going to be great. He has spoken to my heart in many ways as I prepare for a new year of life.
9. One final thought….I am really grateful for the many friends I share life with on Facebook. I would of never even got on it had may wife not set up this page. Now I treasure so many friends and family in a special way. Happy 2016!