Just in Time

Imagine you begin to realize that you have an assignment in life, and it requires your commitment and time. As you evaluate the choices you must make you realize that for some of them, they will require knowing what is right, critical and opportune about the moment.  We all have moments that do not repeat themselves.  They are there to guide us forward and capture our hearts. The Bible speaks to these moments. In the Greek language the word was Kairos.  It represented the moments that God would place before us. BUT we have to choose to live in these moments.  The key verse for our new seven-week series is Ephesians 5:15-16. The thrust of this verse is our awareness of the evil around us and the opportunity before us.  This series dives deep into the kairos moments of life.  I can’t wait to welcome you into this series.  Just in Time will be a life changing series of special moments we capture.


Gearl Spicer

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