Jesus Is Your Joy!

It strikes me so clearly that we live in a world full of negativity that invades the space we live in, to attempt to impede our focus and pursuit. The continual bombardment ,that has as it’s intent, to dismantle our purpose and steal our joy is a product of a fallen world. Today I am reminded of the moment when Jesus was doing great things then He withdrew to the wilderness to pray….which the Bible says HE did often. May we always find the time to seek Him as our refuge even when bombs are falling all around us. Most bombs don’t appear that way until they explode. Be wise….remember who conquers every fear, doubt, discouragement and issue. HE is the one who takes what is negative and turns it into something amazing. We will always have the negative….but we also have the wilderness to turn to…..where solitude rules over confusion. THIS may make absolutely NO sense to you if all is rocking along really well…BUT if you have hit a patch of negative stuff..may it speak to your heart. For those who thought the wilderness was always a bad place….be sure to read the gospels. – GEARL SPICER