Happy Anniversary

Celebrating Ten Years of One Heart Church

It is hard to believe that the amazing story of One Heart started ten years ago. It is breathtaking to see all that God has done in these years. He has allowed so many to find a true home for their spiritual journey. I am thankful that during the month of December we will celebrate each Sunday a different aspect of One Heart. I want you to join me as we celebrate. As we embark on this celebration​,​ I am reminded of the great ways He has touched our hearts.

Let me remind you of a few:

*Amazing new facility to gather together in each Sunday!
*Fully committed church family that is focused on the Great Commission!
*Great staff of men and women who love Jesus!
*Powerful outreach through our Norcross Christian Academy!
*Local and Global mission outreach!

I could list a hundred ways God has blessed our church. The best was to really experience it is come visit yourself. Let me invite you during the Christmas season to come our way and worship with us.
You don’t want to miss the beautiful decorations that adorn our worship center.

See you Sunday,
Gearl Spicer, Senior Pastor