Good Friday and Easter – Amazing Week!

Dear One Heart Family and Friends,

What an amazing week this is at our church. We join our hearts together on Friday for a special communion as we contemplate the cross and then on Sunday we come to celebrate the empty tomb.

Easter always captures my attention because it is the anchor of our entire story. As we proceed through this weekend let me remind you to spend time focusing on the cross and the tomb. You might want to take a walk or spend some time alone and reflect on the goodness of our great God.

I also want you to think of who you might invite to be a part of our services this weekend. Is there someone that could be impacted by our church? As you contemplate this week, be sure to reflect on some very important concepts that we have been learning each week in worship.

1. It takes a cross to write a story worthy of reading.
2. Our walk with God should be a reflection of a living faith.
3. Nothing should get in the way of our pursuit of Jesus.
4. Life is too short to miss the most important aspects of life.
5. Our faith positions us to experience life in a supernatural way.
6. Easter is the affirmation of our entire eternal hope!
7. Hope transforms anything because it shines a light in our hearts.

Maybe this week you have found yourself distracted or discouraged. Perhaps this note was written to inspire you to focus on what really counts in life. I want to see each one of you in worship as we gather this Easter weekend.

Don’t forget—7:00 PM on Friday in the worship center and 10:30 AM on Easter Sunday morning.
TWO great times for our family to come together.

I love you all,
Gearl Spicer