Faithful to the Core

Imagine you come to the end of your journey in life!  You look back to

ask yourself a simple question–Have I been faithful?  The journey we

are currently on at OHC is at the heart of all that Jesus came to do! He

came to lead His children to a faithful life. There are some secrets that

unleash the power of a faithful life—we’ve been looking at the four

essential elements that open our hearts to faithfulness!

*Anchoring our hearts in commitment–

*Please the ONE who counts by living obediently–

*Accepting responsibility to live effectively–

*Energizing our lives through our pursuit–

You may be wondering how these qualities can become a part of your

daily life.  It requires that we allow our lives to be governed by three

distinctive concepts.   These three over arching concepts are life long


A faithful believer will be:

*Compelled by Vision

*Motivated by Purpose

*Activated by Scripture

If these thoughts intrigue your heart then let me invite you to experience

One Heart Church.

Make the choice to live a faithful life today!

See you Sunday,

Pastor Gearl