Faithful During the Holidays

During these days we have had the most awesome privilege of looking in to the life of Joshua on Sunday mornings. Joshua’s life was characterized by faithful and obedient living. We cannot help but learn from his life as we turn the corner and approach the holiday season. By the way, its my favorite time of year and our family is especially blessed with the birth of our granddaughter. It will be so special! I want to challenge each of you this season to be faithful in every area of your Christian life. Let’s make a point to be faithful in our attendance, in our personal walk with Christ and in our giving to His church. When those things are accomplished we can better see and feel His presence in our lives!

Be sure to check out every page of our website. We have so much information and points of connection for you to read, see and act upon. Be sure to pay close attention to our holiday schedule and the events surrounding the birth of Jesus.

Gearl Spicer