Experiencing God’s Agenda

How clearly do you understand God’s agenda for your life? In order to understand it, your faith has to be vibrant and alive! If you want to know God’s agenda for your life you must realize that a living faith creates expectations that empower, directions that engage and effectiveness that enables.

Faith says that you expect God to empower you, to give your life direction and meaning. God will direct you and give you a path that will engage every area of your being. Real faith in God allows you to be completely effective in every walk of life because you remain focused on Him. His agenda for you is enabled “in” you.

We see this clearly when we look at Hebrews 11: 1-6. These passages help us realize that He is the answer.

In seeing God’s agenda, we see this passage talk about defining faith and living faith.

Defining faith is assurance. It is a hope that is sure. It is certainly beyond confusion. What is the certainty? You know that God has it covered. Knowing that He is in control. Defining faith is also conviction. It is “buying in” 100%. It is completely living in the truth by studying His word and obeying His word. And it means that you will accept what you cannot see.

Living faith gives you the ability to conquer the impossible by believing. You are able to find the power of faith by believing. And that is all MADE possible when you adopt a lifestyle of seeking Him all-day and everyday.

Will you give His agenda a living faith?

Gearl Spicer