Engage 2016

Today I find myself remembering the key concepts of our mission strategy moving forward with ENGAGE–Believe God, Pray Passionately, Give Faithfully, and Go Obediently. As I reflect on those core concepts, I realize they are action steps to the Great Commission. In Acts 1, after Jesus had ascended, the angel asked the question–Why are you looking up in the sky? It reminded me that God has called us to act…not just look. As we act, He moves. His Spirit prompts our hearts to act on behalf of those who are looking for an answer. It is a great joy each Sunday to watch as new folks visit our services. They all look for a genuine, authentic people who are willing to act in obedience. As you get ready for this coming Sunday, ask the Lord to keep your focus on His plan. Watch Him speak to your heart.

I am so grateful for each one of you and anticipate great days ahead in 2016.

See you Sunday,
Gearl Spicer