Bold Enough to Battle

Bold Enough to Battle


What do you currently battle? What lessons did you learn from previous battles? Battles come in all shapes and sizes. They come when we least expect them and the often come more than one at a time. Everyone has battles. What we do with those battles is key and says a lot about us.


Battles do four things for us. First, they affirm opportunity. Battles give us an opportunity to move forward or to digress. Second, battles refine our focus. They cause us to look at things with more diligence and respect. Third, battles give evidence of a relationship. That relationship can be good or bad but nonetheless a relationship. And finally, battles equip us for the future. How many times have you been faced with the same battle twice? The second approach to the same battle will often be much easier than the first.


Paul faced many battles. We find an example of one in the 10th chapter of the book of II Corinthians. The Corinthians were saying that Paul’s letter writing is bold while his personal time with them was lackluster. Paul is urging the Corinthians to see that his letters are written out of love and that they have a common goal whether he is there in person or not. That goal is to share and preach the Good News.


As we look in verses 1-2 we see that we must have courage to see the real battle. That our self-image needs to be defined by God and not man. Our confidence for the battle comes from understanding the authority that God has over us.


In verses 5-6 Paul shows us that we must have wisdom to use the right weapons. Those weapons are divinely powerful and are in fact the real knowledge of God. The weapons we use also shows evidence of obedience or a relationship to Jesus Christ. Verse 6 shows us that we must stand in completion with what God is doing through us in the battle.


Verses 7-11 teach us that we need to recognize who we really are as Christians. We must have an intimate relationship with Christ and whatever the battle, we must edify God and others through it. Our response to battles must include genuine care and personal integrity.


Are you bold enough to battle?