Back Against the Wall


Facing the Inevitable

Psalm 34:4

Have you ever faced a challenge that seems so overwhelming that it pushed your back against the wall? Have you ever come to a place where you didn’t know where to turn? How did you find your way beyond the wall? 

The series we are sharing during this season of life fits so well into all we see going on in the world. We look at Ukraine or our nation or our lives and we see much that could push us to despair. Our hope is that we will find insights that lead us to hope in this special study. We will find ourselves in the Psalms where David is backed against the wall and turns to God. It is our joy every week to share lessons we believe will shape your perspective and your future.  Join us as we press in while our backs are against the wall!

See you Sunday online or in person!

Pastor Gearl


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