Answers of Anxiety

II Corinthians 12:5-10

What is your perspective on pain? Do your problems create anxiety? These may be challenging questions for some to answer. We have been looking at what it means to be an overcomer in these last few weeks. We regards to anxiety, an overcomer moves from “why” to “how” in the midst of any challenge. Rather than saying, “Why did this happen to me?” and overcomer will ask, “How can I use this for God’s glory?”

Paul continues his teaching to the Corinthian church and reaches a point in the 12th chapter where he discusses his own anxiety. He wants to show them that they can overcome any and every situation.

He describes an unusual identity in Christ. Unusual because his life is probably not seen by the world as successful; he has had issues. But he explains in verses 5-6 that his troubles validate his trust in Christ to carry him through them. All his weaknesses push him to truth in Christ. Through this we can see that his transparency with the Corinthians has made his testimony to them moving.

In verse 7 we see that Christ has made an amazing impact on Paul’s life through the greatness of Christ’s revelations to him and also by what Paul describes as a “thorn in the flesh.” Paul’s anxiety has made him greater for the Kingdom!

Verse 8 shows us the God’s timing is always perfect. Paul asked that his anxiety be taken from him and God’s answer was “no.” Overcomers realize that they must seek God, trust His plan and keep focus on the Kingdom.

In verses 9-10 Paul continues to teach that Christ’s grace is sufficient for anything we go through. Christ is our ultimate source of power. His spirit indwells in us and with that we can be content thought out our days.

What will you do with your problem?