Answers for a Chaotic World!

We live in a day where even the proliferation of electronic media can’t keep us abreast of all that is happening. We in many ways see this chaos as a part of regular life and yet we yearn for something more. A sense of peace in the midst of storms and a source of hope in the midst of trials. In the day in which we live there is no better place to turn than the church. The church is anchored in Jesus who is the source of safety and hope we all need. At One Heart Church we recognize the need to help in this chaotic time. Perhaps in your life you are looking for an answer and a sense of direction. Every week we gather together with hundreds of others who are also looking to Jesus for guidance and strength.

Let me invite you to experience One Heart and see why so many call it home. Never forget, in the midst of storms there is no better place to be than home.

Gearl Spicer