3-4-ONE@5 Continues!

Dear OHC Family and Friends,

We are in the middle of our 3-4-ONE @ 5 focus. This past Sunday we kicked off our three week celebration of 5 years of ministry. It was a beautiful time of communion! Now, we are approaching this Sunday the second Sunday of emphasis as we celebrate with all those who have joined our church in the last year. I want to encourage everyone to be present as we thank God for the wonderful folks who have joined our church. Let me also remind you that we continue our preparation for Global Missions Sunday on Oct. 31.

There are several things you can do:

*Either this Sunday or next…please bring a bag of groceries to feed those who are hungry. We do this work through The Norcross Cooperative Ministry.

*Be sure to get your ticket this Sunday to the Global Missions Luncheon. They are only 5 dollars and I assure you that this will be an enlightening time as we share about our 2011 mission plans. We have also planned a special time for our children during the luncheon. Everyone ought to make plans to join us for this luncheon.

*On Saturday, Oct. 30th we will be ministering locally at the Norcross Cooperative Ministry offices. You can sign up for this at the same table you get your luncheon ticket.

I can’t wait to celebrate with you this Sunday as we praise God for 5 years of fruitful ministry!

See you then,

Gearl Spicer