20/20 Vision

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We have a special emphasis going on. Do you ever have trouble seeing things clearly? We all do. For those of us who wear glasses, we live this problem ever day of our lives. Seeing is critical to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. And what a sense “seeing” is? God has blessed us with the ability to see sharp objects, to see vivid colors and to experience His creation through sight. But God wants so much more than that for our lives as Christians; as followers of Jesus. He wants us to have clear sight of Him and His working in our lives. He wants us to clearly focus on Him. Join me during these days at OHC as I preach from God’s Word on this subject. Come Sundays for worship at 10:30 a.m. and you can begin to see clearly. You can turn your focus to Jesus.

Gearl Spicer
Senior Pastor, One Heart Church