What is Your Story?

Has anyone ever told you an incredible, amazing story that made you feel so blessed they shared it with you? Then you realize you have your own incredible story inside your heart? I am always amazed at the stories of God’s amazing grace at work in the lives of those who call One Heart home.

This web site is dedicated to the incredible ministry of our church. We anticipate the many amazing things that God intends to write into our story. Recently, we did a complete revision of this site to ensure all the information you need would be easily accessible. It reminded me of how God often intervenes in our lives and revises our focus and goals. As you read through these pages, may you find a special connection to the heart of our ministry. I pray that perhaps you will see something that captures your attention – something that you will be blessed to add to your story. I would encourage you to connect with us should you have questions. We are here to bless your life.

Let your imagination open your heart to His incredible plan!

This week I have meditated a lot in Habakkuk 2:1-4.  It is amazing how clear it is that God gives us vision. I am confident that this Sunday we will see the affirmation of His vision for our summer.  We SURGE forward with a sacrificial offering to kick start the summer. I am so grateful that our church family always responds when we have a special focus. I am praying for a BIG offering that represents our great faith in God.  Please be sure to give over and above your regular offering.  Jesus always deserves the very best of our lives. I count on you.


Gearl Spicer