Every apple contains five seeds at it’s core and these seeds are vital for its personal growth and for the ongoing of the entire “apple nation.” I would say that the apple’s core is important because of what it contains. This thought process points me to a question I would like to ask. What is contained in your core?  If I were pressed to answer that question I would say that deep inside me is the desire to become a true follower of Jesus Christ. I am committed to impacting our world through the Gospel. The apostle John speaks so loudly to this issue. In fact, over the next five weeks we will look together at what this fine follower has to say about the core of a Christian. We are going to build our core from the inside out by looking in five areas of discipleship through the eyes of John: faith, Biblical instruction, prayer, obedience and community. Often Christians fail at seeing and understanding the importance of our core. Our core should be made up seeds of the Gospel – essential and enduring beliefs and values. It is my prayer that during these days you will come alongside me and commit to studying, praying and learning about what this means. I am also praying that you will commit to attendance every week in the Lord’s house. Our schedule will be easy. At 9:15 a.m. each week we will study in small groups a CORE curriculum provided for each person. Then at 10:30 a.m. we will gather in the Worship Center for a new series, The Heart of the Gospel, Discovering Core Principles. Join me for this awesome time of impact in all our lives!