Summer of Joy

Summer of Joy—Now More Than Ever

Joy is one of life’s greatest gifts!  It leads us to contentment and impact with our lives. We can find joy in so many areas of our spiritual journey.  I can’t think of a season of life where it is more important to access joy than now! NOW MORE THAN EVER!  The pandemic and all that we have encountered in life these past 14 months all remind us that the “joy of the Lord is our strength.”

As we embark on this journey let me challenge you to read Philippians in preparation for this encouraging series.  We will dive deep into this book that is so centered in joy.  As we prepare begin by reflecting on the depth of joy you feel in Jesus. He will be the key to this time of reflection and study every Sunday morning at 10am!

If you are joining us online please take the time to experience all that God has in store for you by accessing us here on our website.

Now is the time! Joy is the subject!

Gearl Spicer

Senior Pastor

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