Look Up! Lean In! Insights into Vertical Living

Look Up, Lean In – Insights into Vertical Living

Jesus said it best—Look up for your redemption draws near…Luke 21:28. It is obvious that He wanted us to look up and lean into truth and insights. We recently completed a study which allowed us to grasp the power of fearing the Lord. In the next six weeks we will see how critical it is to not ignore His presence. Our study will involve a look at Judges in the Old Testament and several New Testament texts.  It promises to be an enlightening study!

As you think about looking up and leaning in you quickly realize that it will demand something of each one of us. In this study vertical living will offer us insights into listening attentively, acting obediently and surrendering completely.  Let these three keys prepare you for a great study!  I look forward to seeing you in person or on-line.  Great days are ahead for us!

Looking up and leaning in,

Gearl Spicer

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