God’s Timing, God’s Heart, Our Faith – Eddie Conkle

During these days we have gotten an opportunity to meet as the staff of One Heart Church at least two times during the week. They have become so special to me, times of real refreshing. Most meetings include a large amount of time in the scriptures and the other day, our Senior Pastor Gearl Spicer, shared a few passages that I want to discuss further. The first passage is Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8. Read that passage now.

The first thought we consider is the fact that there is a time for everything. We see in verse two a time to be born and a time to die, and that is contrasted with verse eight a time for war and a time for peace. These verses are total bipolar. What Solomon was trying to get across to us was, if we’re not careful, we might spend too much time analyzing the season we’re in and not since the affirmation of God at work in us.

Now read Ecclesiastes 5:1-7.

I love these verses. There is an appointed time and when everything is appropriate, and I must be attentive when it comes to God’s house. I’ve got to be attentive on how I live as it relates to God’s house. When we are in His house we see several things and our hearts long for many things.  He sets eternity in our hearts; it is the longing of all our hearts to see Him face to face. It is the longing of our hearts to see the people who have left us Into eternity, it is the longing of our hearts that leads us to peace that pasts understanding, it’s the longing of our hearts that leads us to a joy that’s unspeakable, It’s a longing of our hearts that leads us to an intimate encounters with Him in prayer.

Here are some insights that can help us in this journey. Guard your steps and watch which way you go because if you’re not careful you’ll walk away from His provision instead of moving towards His provision. If you’re not careful, you’ll analogize everything on how you feel instead of what you believe. God has put something in our hearts related to serving Him, following Him and obeying Him that directly links us into Sunday. We all need people; we need people in our lives. We need the joy of people in our lives

Most things we encounter in life are not in our timing, but they are appointed by Him.

Then we moved our discussion to another favorite book. Read Isaiah 25:1,3-6,9.

You are not going to figure it all out so don’t keep trying. Even Covid-19 fits into what He is trying to show us and what He wants to do. We should focus on what God is thinking and not on what the world or man is thinking. If we are focus on God and we live in an appointed time designed by God, He will not allow us to miss it. We need to be careful how we seek Him and look into His Word. We don’t have to be the same once we come back. We will come back more loving and more caring. So, what does God want to show us now to prepare us for then. We must get ready for the unique parts of our ministry as much as just the regular things we do. We want to be a dynamic church. The more fine-tuned in our pursuit of Him we are in the Word, the more effective we are in life. There’s a hole in our hearts that only God can fill. When we keep our hearts focused on Him, He will do an amazing thing in and through us.

Finally, we looked together at Psalm 94:19. What a verse! There are four thoughts to conclude from this passage. I need to trust Him no matter what. I need to seek Him no matter what. I need to rest in Him. I need to anticipate Him.

If we learn to live God’s way, what’s going to happen is some of our more challenging dynamics that we contend with will dissipate and we’ll get to something more profound. So, make sure NOW…TODAY that your heart is aligned with all that God has gifted us to do. Don’t allow the things that overwhelm you to control you. Don’t go into what God has called us to do foolishly. Trust Him, Seek Him, Rest in Him and Anticipate God doing something beyond your imagination.




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