Forward by Faith

The story of One Heart is the unfolding revelation of God’s plan for a humble group of people who met the first time in a rented facility. This story became more amazing when God opened the door for One Heart Church and First Baptist Church of Norcross to join hearts together as one. The miracle occurred in the summer of 2013. It was evident from the beginning that God had great things in store for His people. In the past almost 6 years, we have witnessed the unfolding miracle with eyes fixed on a perfect God who has ordered every step. As these days have passed, it has been even more apparent that His plan is even greater. We have served in a beautiful place of impact and worship. We are now at a crossroads where every heart must join together to accomplish His will for our home. This communication piece is an update for the family of faith at One Heart. Do not forget to turn in your pledge cards and your initial offering by Sunday, May 5.