Faithful – Rock Solid, Never Wavering

The story of our lives is written as we faithfully commit to accomplish His purpose for our lives.  Paul reminded Timothy that “God counted him faithful putting him in the ministry” – I Timothy 1:2

It was not the failures of his past but his faithfulness in the future that opened his life for true impact.

As we embark on a journey to discover how to live rock solid and faithful in life, we will see the common denominators for all our lives. We must be willing to have the courage to confront any issues that block our path to faithfulness.  Will you approach life with courage?

If our journey of faith leads us to obedience we will see the power of commitment lived out in our hearts.  As we develop courage and connect our hearts, we will gain confidence.  A rock solid, never wavering faithful life will be our story!

In 2019, we intend to live the core values of a faithful life.