Day by Day – Finding Favor, Sharing Hope

There is nothing like the feeling of knowing God is with you!  It is the comfort beyond any emotion because it affirms His presence in our lives.  His favor is evidenced in undeniable blessings and supernatural instructions that guide our very steps.  The joys we experience in knowing that He is with us, give us the encouragement to stand in the midst of anything we face!  Think about the examples found in the Bible – David found favor, Moses found favor, Daniel found favor, Mary found favor, Paul found favor!  This is just a short list to remind us that our heart’s desire should rest on His favor becoming a beautiful part of our life story.

As we embark on this five week journey, may our hearts be open to discovering His unmistakable hand in our lives. May He speak to us with clarity, fill our hearts with His presence and enable us to encounter Him in new and living ways.

Join me in being empowered by His favor!

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