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Resolute Life

Can you imagine if your life was anchored in living resolutely for Jesus every day? One of the great challenges in life is to be completely focused on what Jesus wants to do in and through you. This is the central focus of One Heart Church in 2020!  Every member determined to accomplish ALL He intends for our lives.  […]

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Day by Day – Finding Favor, Sharing Hope

There is nothing like the feeling of knowing God is with you!  It is the comfort beyond any emotion because it affirms His presence in our lives.  His favor is evidenced in undeniable blessings and supernatural instructions that guide our very steps.  The joys we experience in knowing that He is with us, give us the encouragement to […]

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Experiencing His Faithfulness

Experiencing His Faithfulness  There is nothing more powerful than understanding how faithful God is!  Perfect faithfulness is hard for us to grasp. We all have friends who model being faithful but always fall short of perfection.  God is FAITHFUL ! He is a guiding light to our hearts because of His faithfulness. Paul stated it […]

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