Axis of a Living Faith

Axis–defined–real or imaginary line of which something rotates
The line can be imaginary but it still exists!  How we identify our axis determines the power of our true faith.  God provided Jesus to all of us that would become our axis of life.  He is not imaginary but truly visible in our lives. That real line aligns our hearts with His purpose.  A few weeks ago I shared a question posed by a dear friend: Can we trust His purpose when we don’t understand His plans?  We can certainly trust Him if our axis is Jesus.   Last week I shared a great quote on our weekly message that inspired the new series: “Don’t let the crisis become the axis around which your world revolves.”
So, if you are reading this introduction you are entering a journey with us that will allow you to see what your life truly rotates around. May it be His joy! May it be His love! May it be His adequacy!  May It be His strength!  May it be so much more!  May Jesus do what only HE can do in your life.  In all this uncertainty HE will be validated as the center axis of your heart. Join us every Sunday at
We choose a living faith!
Pastor Gearl

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