Alive @ Christmas!

What a great focus for all of our lives!  The reality of a risen Savior who lives inside of each of us.  I want to challenge you this Christmas with the clear awareness that we are alive in Jesus.  He is the one who gives us life and purpose!  To be alive is to understand He has a plan for our lives.  To be alive is to allow His Word to speak to our hearts!  To be alive is to yield in obedience to Him. To be alive is to discover the power of prayer! To be alive is to submit with joy to His perfect will.  To be alive is living in Jesus!

As we enter this covid Christmas we enter with awareness of His awesome plan for each of our lives.  It is in the season that we surrender our hearts to the greatest gift ever given—Jesus!

Join us on site or on line this month at 10am. We will celebrate being Alive @ Christmas.

Gearl Spicer

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