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Imagine a place where everyone had the same dream, the same hope, and the same heart. Doesn’t that sound too good to be true? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? What if such a gathering of people   existed? Both young and old, rich and poor, many long for a home united in the belief that Jesus Christ is the dream, the hope, and the heart.

Let me be the first to welcome you to ONE HEART CHURCH. One Heart Church, Atlanta’s newest fellowship, embodies those three key elements – one dream, one hope, and one heart. Our desire is to match innovative creativity with sound, Biblical preaching. We also desire to develop an authentic atmosphere of praise and purpose where the lost and lonely are welcomed in the open arms of Jesus.

One Heart Church meets in our new building at 706 North Peachtree Street in Norcross. We are so excited about the new space that God has provided as we reach into the Atlanta community. This website is updated regularly with ongoing events for our church family and I would love for you to be a part of these events. I encourage you to explore this website to learn more about our mission and the heartbeat of our family.

We look forward to meeting you at One Heart Church! If you need me for anything do not hesitate to contact me at gearl@oneheartchurch.org or call (404) 401-2553.



God gives us all opportunities to walk in obedience.  He often clearly speaks these “calls to action” to us from His Word, through a friend or even directly from Him in the night watches.  At the instant we sense His calling, we realize He is drawing a line of obedience and we are faced with a choice.   The choice to remain standing where we are or move forward across the line to experience all He has to offer and the blessing He wants to give.

The Bible gives us many examples of those who crossed the line in obedience.  We see it clearly in the life of Barnabas recorded in Acts 13. He was known as the “encourager” and even though that description fit him wonderfully, he experienced many hardships and worked in hostile situations.  He was bold in believing God to change the life of the most notorious enemy of Christian faith, Saul, who later became known as Paul, a missionary champion for the faith.

Barnabas crossed the line many times and through it all lived in amazement at God’s working in his life.  He lived completely inside God’s purpose and understood God’s grace fully.  He strategically operated in an impactful way with boldness and joy.  Barnabas shows us there will be challenges when we cross the line but also shows us that it is the absolute right thing to position us to receive God’s best. Barnabas was a man who chose to live in hope and serve in love!  God brought to his life a profound awareness of the blessings that come from being obedient. 

God speaks specifically and clearly about our responsibility to share the Good News to those nearby and around the world.  You will see in this brochure many opportunities to cross the line by supporting and participating in our global and local missions.

As you pray through these opportunities, ask yourself this question – Am I willing to cross the line?


Wednesday Evening Schedule @ OHC @ 6:45 PM 
Adult Bible Study Led by Pastor Ron Swift (Meets in the Reception Room)
OHC Praise Rehearsal Led By Pastor Chester Whisonant (Meets downstairs on the Terrace Level in the Music Suite)
R.U.S.H. for Students (6th-12th Grade) Led by Pastor Jack Wheatley (Meets in the Gym.)
OHC KIDS Mid Week (Age 3 – 5th Grade) Led by Kassie Davis & Kim Day (Meets upstairs on the third floor.)
OHC Nursery for Children (Ages Birth-2) Led by Kim Day (Meets on the main level in the Preschool Area.)